Special Projects Consultant
Titan Global Advisors Pte Ltd 

Erwin Mulder

Erwin Mulder was the Founder and Chief Executive Director of Improma B.V. in the Netherlands, since 1987. He operated in the field of commercial real estate development, especially in the Netherlands. Since early 1993, he operates as a financial consultant and asset manager. Mulder is especially involved and focused on providing services to private, institutional financial clients and Governments, acting as a portfolio manager in financial markets, developing projects and arranging the funding for projects. As an authorized agent for several clients, and as a special envoy and under the Royal Mandate, he has been successful to investigate, structure large asset placements and contributed to large private and Governmental projects for major clients from Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific. In 1998, Mulder was a member of the Board of Directors of Evergreen Financial Services (HK) Inc., an International Investment Company. Furthermore, Erwin was acting as an appointed Board member of an investment consortium FX Worldwide Inc. After a successful period of 3 years, Erwin resigned from both boards in 2001, due to a new appointment at a European Investment Institution.

Erwin has been engaged with Titan Global as its strategic consultant since 2017 to advise on Government to Government projects and to bring European and American expertise to Asian projects.