Since 2017, Titan Global started getting involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. It has amassed a portfolio of crypto assets and is also initiating several projects in the coming months, the most important of which is an absolute return fund which allows investors to participate in Titan's crypto trading and project financing capabilities.

Digital Asset Ecosystem

Titan Global is has invested resources to develop its own digital ecosystem to allow its stakeholders to benefit from the blockchain space. Plans include tokenisation of its infrastructure and build environment-related projects, as well as the establishment of program trading funds to participate in the fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies. 

It is also working on a project finance and management platform powered by blockchain which will allow users to both invest in Titan's projects and also to use the platform to manage those projects remotely. We are also exploring ways to allow the platform to provide financing to its users who are involved in Titan's projects. 



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