Investment Portfolio

Agriculture and Food Production

Titan Global Capital has interests in agriculture, aquaculture, food production, feedstock and animal husbandry. Existing plans include the building of an integrated livestock and animal feed company in Indonesia, revolving around 2 main business units: the main business unit comprised of: i) Feed Mill, consisting of Shrimp Feed Plant, Fish Feed Plant, Live stocks Feed Plant, Ornamental Fish Feed and Vet Food. ii) Poultry Business, consisting of PS Breeding and Hatcheries, Broiler Commercial Farms, Layer Commercial Farms, Slaughter Houses, Cold Storages, and poultry-based consumer products. iii) Aqua Culture Business, consisting of Shrimp Farming, Selective Fish Farming, Shrimp and Fish Hatcheries, Brood stocks, Genetic, and Processing Plants. iv) Agriculture Business, consisting of Corn Dryer Units, Corn Plantations, Corn Grit and Corn Starch, Local Soy Bean Meal for Livestock Feed Industry, Local Soy Bean for “Tempe and Tofu”, Vegetables Gardens, and Fruit and Flower Gardens. The other main business unit is the Business Support and Business Expansion Unit, comprising of: i) Equipment And Logistic Support; ii) Trading, Food Chain And Storage.

It is also engaged in the breeding, fattening, and slaughtering of animals and also in animal husbandry. Cattle breeding -  it will be involved in the livestock industry focusing on cattle breeding. It will be an integrated facility built in Indonesia. There are three business units: i) Breeder. The company plans to establish an integrated cattle farming in the Purwakarta district of West Java Province. The cattle population is 20,000 tails from the family of Brahman, Limousine, Simmental and Sapi PO (Ongole Hybrid). The young cattle for fattening will be sourced from third party importers or from direct import from Australia; ii) Cattle Fattening. This includes Cattle Sheds and livestock feeding area where it will manage areas reserved for planting elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Schumach) and other grasses, fermented plant corn and cassava trees, among others. The land size is approximately 3,000 hectares, estimated at producing as many as 70-100 tons per hectare. In addition, it would be empowering communities around the areas to provide forage grasses by buying it from them, as well as to form direct partnerships with the farmers. iii) Cattle Slaughter House (Abattoir). This will be located near the farms and will be conducting the slaughter process according to international Animal Health Regulation and Halal compliant as well.


Transportation & Logistics 

Being active in both Indonesia and Africa, where transportation infrastructure is challenging, we strive to engage with companies which are established players who are able to add value to existing infrastructure. In Indonesia, which is a country with numerous islands spread across a large area, we continuously search for new ways to make it more efficient to transport both people and cargo. 

In Africa, where roads, aircraft routes and rail networks are still relatively undeveloped, Titan Global is working actively with local governments with the objective of creating a Pan African transportation network that will allow the smooth movement of people and cargo across countries not just within Africa and in and out of Africa. 

Energy, Mining & Waste Management

Being the world’s fourth most populous country, and the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s national average electrification was 88.3% in 2015, while in the eastern part of the country was less than 50%. The electricity consumption per capita is still very low compared to other ASEAN countries. Indonesia electricity consumption per capita is only one third and nearly half of Thailand and Vietnam consumption per capita respectively. Needless to say that Indonesia’s growth potential is being constrained by power supply availability, especially in the eastern part.

The Government of Indonesia (GOI) has, therefore, launched its 35GW programme.  The main goals of this programme are increasing capacity and at the same time reducing power interruptions (blackout) frequency. While the GOI had set 2019 as the target for 35GW program completion, yet not more than 5% of these projects are completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018, and less than 50% of these projects are still under construction. To expedite the program the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources indicates that PLN, the main utility company, will transfer more projects to the private sector.

In addition, the importance of renewable sources of electricity due to concerns over environmental issues is on the rise and showing in Indonesia’s energy mix target. New and Renewable Energy (NRE) portion is set to 25% to achieve an optimal primary energy mix, whilst the current contribution is still only slightly above 5%. Clearly, the opportunity to fill the gap in both fossil and the renewable source remains high for investors.

Titan Global is also actively involved in the development of the energy sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with its principal partner, TSG Global Holdings, having signed a Power Purchase Agreement to develop 1,000MW solar PV plants across Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC. 

Telecom & Technology

Titan Global is looking for reputable and reliable partners to develop stable and extensive telecom infrastructure in Africa, starting with DRC. It is also open to making strategic investments or forming partnerships with technology startups in the areas of fintech, insuretech and infratech with the goal of bringing this technology to its projects in both South East Asia and Africa.