Titan Global Capital

Titan Global Capital ("TGC") is an investment firm, headquartered in Singapore with partners in South East Asia, America and Europe. TGC operates as a multi-disciplinary firm that works with corporate clients to secure new projects globally and facilitating their fundraising needs. 

TGC's area of focus is in strategic and large scale infrastructure projects in emerging and frontier markets such as Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. With its proprietary infrastructure asset management platform codenamed Techiya, TGC brings together stakeholders in all aspects of the infrastructure project financing process, from project owners, equity sponsors, insurers, EPCs, banks, trustees, custodians and investors. Working closely with its ecosystem of partners, TGC is able to take a project from conceptualisation to the development stage and onwards to making it bankable and bringing in the right investors for the project.

TGC's investment arm focuses on the trading of distressed or undervalued marketable securities, including, but not limited to fixed income instruments (Medium Term Notes), structured notes, listed equities, HFT mandates, mutual funds and other funding instruments.​

In 2019, TGC entered into an exclusive partnership with TSG Global Holdings, an American company with extensive investment interests in Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. With effect from 2020, TSG Global and its affiliates will be working in tandem with TGC, from MOU stage to execution and continued asset management throughout the entire life of the asset. ​

TGC divides its investment focus into 4 main sectors:

1) Agriculture and Food Production

2) Transportation and Logistics

3)  Energy, Mining and Waste Management

4) Telecom and Technology

Corporate Philosophy
At Titan Global Capital, we cultivate a corporate culture and implement practices which strongly promotes Honesty and Trust, Credibility and Assurance in the marketplace throughout our global reach. Our real-world holistic financial solutions are designed with the aim of sustainability and growth for our clients and partners.
Mission Statement
To be a shining example in the marketplace that sustainable and significant growth can be achieved through ethical business practices and one that is based on trust and mutual understanding.