Asset Backed Loan Financing

Titan Global acts as both a direct financier as well as placement agent for a global network of financial institutions which are able to lend against a well-structured investment program in the infrastructure sector, as long as there are well-established off-takers in the form of government or government-linked entities. Quantum of financing is between 80% to 100%, depending on the quality of the off-taker and the types of agreements executed. The loan interest is around 2.5% to 5% pa (excluding arrangement fees of up to 5%). Titan Global is building an Asian sourcing network of stockbrokers, wealth managers, and independent financial consultants to be our introducers.

Project Financing

Titan Global also works with project owners and their partners to provide financing for global projects. Working with international financiers, development financing institutions and loan syndication teams in various international banks, we help fund viable projects, especially in the ASEAN and African region. Areas of interest include real estate, energy, natural resources, infrastructure, transportation and telecommunications. We are especially interested to fund projects which have a reputable and experienced project sponsor and clear revenue streams (current or future) and have explicit support from the relevant governments.

Convertible Debt / Medium Tern Notes Financing

For companies or non-greenfield projects, Titan Global is able to assist in the structuring of convertible bonds or medium-term notes which will be underwritten by a single or a combination of funding sources which we will arrange. These debt instruments are typically issued on behalf of clients whose companies have a credit rating with one or more of the international debt rating agencies, or their projects are asset-backed or have well-defined off-takers.


Titan Global will also help arrange for the appropriate insurance coverage for projects. From political risk insurance to credit guarantees, we will arrange for the right coverage for projects in order to maximise the amount of funding that the projects are able to raise.


Techiya is Titan Global's proprietary asset management platform which brings together all of its expertise and networks, as well as those of its preferred partners, and to align them towards the joint success of any project which Titan Global undertakes. 

Over the years, Titan Global has worked with many different parties in various aspects of project financing. From its experience, it has developed and finetuned a system that allows it to quickly assess the viability of any given project from any sector in any part of the world. Once we decide to accept the project, we will ensure its bankability (financing) and eventual exit strategy for its stakeholders. 


Titan Global is getting ready to make available this system, which is codenamed Titan-IX, to all its clients and partners. Whether you are a project owner, potential investor, or service provider along the project financing value chain, we are able to consider your inclusion onto the Titan-IX platform.